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Hi!  I’m Adrianne, and I blog over at Happy Hour Projects, where I focus on quick and easy projects you can do in an hour or less!  You’ll find a pretty wide variety of projects – jewelry, sewing, baking – but what they have in common is that I present photo tutorials for creative things you can actually fit into a busy day.  Because like a lot of you – my days are packed!

I’m a mom and a wife and a creative blogger – that’s what I enjoy during my me-time.  I love crafting (especially for my daughter) and writing, so the blog has been the perfect outlet for both passions.  I’ve been at it nearly a year now, and I have enjoyed the connections I’ve made with other bloggers and creative people so much.  There are just some things you can talk to your creative friends about that no one else can understand!  I also work full-time, so I don’t have as much time to enjoy my family and my hobbies as much as I would like (but hey, it’s keeps a roof over our heads and my craft shelves stocked, which is a good thing!)

Today I have a fast and simple project I’d like to show you, that’s stylish too – it’s a woven bracelet you can make in ten minutes or less.


This is a pretty hot design right now – I’ve seen variations on Craftgawker and Pinterest, and I just love them!  Instead of using macrame for the woven cord, though, I simplified this by weaving it with a standard braid.  Nothing fancy!  It turns this into a very fast, very simple project that even a beginner can do.

What you’ll need:

Six 18″ strands of twine – mine is hemp, but cotton or even embroidery floss would work, too!

A focal piece for the center

A way to secure your bracelet while you braid – a clipboard, a safety pin, or even a good friend to hold the end. 🙂

My focal pieces are links from a chain I had in my stash, so consider raiding your broken and outdated jewelry for something suitable.  I just used a pair of wire cutters to remove a few links.

Think creatively here: you can use anything round, or anything that has two holes.  Anything that you can tie two sets of twine to.  Washers, connecting charms – just raid your box of things-you’ve-been-hanging-onto – you may surprise yourself at what you can find that will work!

Take three of your strands, and double them in half, so that you have six loose ends, and three loops in the center.  Take the loops and thread them through your focal ring.  If your ring has a front and back side, push the loops through from front to back.

(You’ll notice there are only two in the photo – when I took my photo, I hadn’t yet discovered how much slower I would be at trying to braid a four-strand braid.  So yours will have three loops here.)

Thread the tails of your string through the loops of the string – making a lark’s head knot.  Do the same thing on the other side.

Now, separate your strands for your braid.  Remember, you will have six (and I fixed that below).  Just divide them up two, two, and two.  I find that clamping it into my clipboard really works the best to secure it while I braid.  (And yes, my clipboard does have a giant pink flower on it.) 😛

Now, just braid it like normal!  It took me maybe a minute to do each side this way – way faster than attempting any multi-strand braids, or macrame knots.  Once you get to the end, tie an overhand knot to finish it off.  That’s it.  Super easy!

You could also take a few minutes more an attach a clasp or a button closure to the end, but with the twine, just tying it like a friendship bracelet really seemed the most appropriate to me, and it’s one less thing to buy.

(I also found that using 18″ strands like this made it long enough you could also tie this on an ankle instead, if you like!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, one of my favorite things to make is jewelry.  If you like jewelry projects too – I’d love to see you over at Happy Hour Projects sometime!


Thanks for having me, Angie!  I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful vacation!



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  • Siân Pitchford

    Hi a great little bracelet and very fashionable and given me inspiration to try a few things out!.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Bobbyjean

    Love your totural, I’m a newbie at making these bracelets and this bracelet was easy and fun to make. I had a easy time following your steps. so pleased with the way my first bracelet turned out and I look forward to making more and looking at more of you toturals. Thank you so much for sharing.👍ReplyCancel