Bop It XT Review & Giveaway!

I remember playing on recess on Elementary or with the neighbors friends with Bop IT! Great memories playing with Bop IT! Hasbro recently sent me a Bop IT XT to review and let me tell you.. I haven’t played Bop IT in YEARS!  Got me hooked! Have you played Bop IT?!

Bop It! XT  has three settings to play with, SOLO, One-on-One and Party! They added a challenge (“Shake it” )on the Bop IT XT.  My little girl is still very small to play with Bop IT XT but she loves the sounds, colors and she gives it a try! To Play you either choose their three options to play by “Twisting IT” and to start, Push the BOP IT (centered button). You will have to think quick and perform the commands as fast possible. The more commands you correctly follow, the faster the commands will come! You can even plug in your headphones to keep the game all to yourself.  My highest SOLO score was 10!

Bop IT XT is a must SPRING TOY/GAME that will get your kids moving , challenged and entertained for hours!

“Swing by Burger King for a special deal and Fun on the Run game from Hasbro. From now until April 22, Burger King Kids Meals will come with a travel-size game perfect for on-the-go family fun. In the U.S. only, Kids Meals will also include a coupon for $3 off one Connect 4, Twister or Guess Who? game to enjoy during your next Family Game Night!”

Bop IT can be found in any major store, Ebay, Amazon or ToysRUS. Its price is $27.99. Overall, this game is awesome! Price is reasonable and worth buying it for the kids!

Hasbro, agreed to giveaway one BOP IT XT to one lucky reader of mine. So “Shake it”,  get moving… and enter below!


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