Pottery Barn Inspired Canvas Tutorial!

Today, I have a tutorial for you! Pottery Barn Inspired Wall Art! I have seen these around and well I decided to make my own knock off!

Source: Pottery Barn

Materials I used:
– Canvas (Any Size you want)
– Fonts: Century Schoolbook free on Dafont.com
– White or Vintage White Acrylic Paint
– Scissors, Pen, Sponge Brushes & Paint Brushes
– Newspaper

Step 1: (I used Photoshop Elements 10 to create the letters) Type in the numbers on a File>New>Blank File> and then set the width according to the canvas size and click OK. Once you are happy with the layout, PRINT AS ACUTAL SIZE. You will have to guide yourself to print each individual paper.

Step 2: Cover the canvas with newspaper using tacky glue. Let Dry

Step 3: Once the newspaper cover canvas is dry, paint with Antique White or White Paint. Let Dry

Step 4: This is the tedious part: Cut each individual number and trace all numbers using a pen. The original Pottery Barn Canvas numbers are white.. I decided to paint the numbers black with a white background!

Step 5: After the pain was dry, I used a sand block (medium) to give it a more antique, rigid look!

And VIOLA! What do you think? If you have any questions please let me know.

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