Twinkies Pops?! Tutorial

That’s right! Who likes Twinkies? I don’t like Twinkies as much but my honey does!
We were discussing the news about Hostess declaring Chapter 11 and suddenly he said,
“Hey, you should make cake pops out of Twinkies!”
So here they are..
  Super easy to make and they taste just like Twinkies!
You will need:
– A Box of 10 ct of Twinkies
– A bag on Candy Melts
– Pop Sticks
-Decorations (optional)
– Food Coloring (Optional)
(Makes about a dozen with 10 Twinkies)
1. On a mixer or by hand.. MIX about 6 Twinkies
2. Mix WELL
3. Form balls and freeze for 10 minutes
4. Melt candy melts on microwave or double boiler
5. Add color to candy melts (optional)
6. Add pop stick to Twinkies balls
7. Freeze for another five minutes
8. Dip on candy melt and decorate.
So what do you think?! Are you making some? Hurry Twinkies might be gone!! 🙂
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