Chocolate Chip Cupcakes w/Maraschino Cherry Cream #Tutorial

How cute is this cupcake?! It was made with much love for my two loves.. and it was so delicious!
I just loved the chocolate chip crunch it had!!
This idea came from a pin I saw on Pinterest and decided to try it out!
What you’ll need:
– A Chocolate Cake Mix Box
-2/3 Cup of Chocolate Chips
-3 Eggs, Oil, Water (according to the box)
-Cupcake Pan and Baking Cups
-Small Heart Cookie Cutter
-Half of pint of Heavy Whipping Cream
-1/3 Cup of Sugar
-Maraschino Cherries
-Pink Food Coloring
-1 tsp of Vanilla Extract
Makes about 24 Cupcakes
1) Prepare cake mix
2)Add chocolate chips to batter
3)Add batter to cupcake cups about to 2/3 Full.
Bake according to directions of the box. About 10-18 Minutes
4) Prepare maraschino whipped cream.
Add half pint and beat/mix for about a minute or until is heavy consistency
5) Add Sugar and Vanilla extract
6) Add maraschino syrup
7) Chop maraschino cherries  and add to whipping cream
8) Mix well until it forms peaks. Do not overbeat.
When they are cooled down.. cut the muffin top of cupcake.
Cut out heart using cookie cutter
Fill top with maraschino cherry cream
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