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Auction Items from Little Miss Chic!

I have some items from Little Miss Chic on auction…Lately, I have been on Facebook most of the time… and I got the opportunity to put some of my items on action on three different places. How it works:  You need to have a Paypal account/email and must pay the invoice within 24hrs.. . Simply comment on…

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  • MrsAmyM

    I LOVE all your stuff! It is sooo cute, Angie! I might have to pick up something for my sweet little Aubrey!


  • Thanks Amy! Check out the auction items i have.. maybe you can win some for a lower price. 😉
    Thanks again for visiting… 😉

    Subject: [alittleinspiration] Re: A Little Inspiration: Auction Items from Little Miss Chic!ReplyCancel

My 100th Post!

I have been blogging for 4 months now… and today is my 100th post Well that’s what Blogger said on my dashboard… I haven’t really counted them! I love blogging and I’m so glad I have meet some really GREAT people like Carol from La Familia Aissa, Kerry from It’s The Little Things, Rosa from…

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  • A Creative Spirit

    WOO HOO… that is an awesome milestone… Congrats.ReplyCancel

  • judyastra1

    Congratulations! I started my Blog in March of this year and I was also thrilled when I reached the landmark of 100 Blog Posts! I am posting more often now! Keep on going!ReplyCancel

  • Yey! 100 post 🙂 You have such a great blog and I'm glad were blog friends. Cute picture!ReplyCancel

  • Kerry

    Congrats on your 100th post Angie!! And it is an absolute pleasure to be listed as your blog friend 🙂 I feel like I've known you for years, isn't it funny where you can make a friend? I never for one second thought it could be possible, but there is a whole other world out there in the blogosphere and I am so happy our paths crossed!! You are the sweetest, keep blogging, keep posting and know I'm always reading…xoReplyCancel

  • No, you are awesome! 😀

    I love the picture ~ she is seriously working those twinkle toes, hehe

    Congrats and Thanks <3ReplyCancel

  • Soverysheri

    Congratulations on your 100th post and your adorable daughter. She has great taste in kickers too! Love that picture!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks a bunch!!! 🙂 I REALLY appreciate it! Have a great weekend!!!!ReplyCancel

  • No, You are awesome! lol! Ok.. we are both awesome!

    Thanks again! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • oh my gosh kerry! you are seriously a really awesome person! I am also super glad I met you! 🙂 Thanks again… for your comment, friendship and for always visiting my blog!ReplyCancel

  • Me too, glad we are bloggy friends! 🙂 Thanks again.. for visiting, commenting! Your'e awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks a bunch!! It feels great! Thanks alot for stopping by! I appreciate it!ReplyCancel

  • THANKSSS!! I appreciate it! 🙂 🙂ReplyCancel

  • THANKS a lot and for stopping by!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mary C.

    Congratulations on your 100th post. Looking forward to reading more amazing posts. Enjoy your weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Found you on the blog hop at Carrie with Children. I'm your newest follower. Feel free to check out my site and follow me back at http://www.utahcountymom.comReplyCancel

  • Hello Jessica! I just visited and followed your blog! 😉 Love the lil stick man figures.. looks fun!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sonya Enslow Parga

    Congratulations on your 100th blog! I have only been blogging about a month and today posted my 70 somethingth blog….guess I am a little zealous! LOL…. I am hopping through on Saturday evening! If you haven't yet, Please Follow back Parga's Junkyard Blogand on facebook as well as on my new networking site Like it Ladder Thanks!ReplyCancel

Canvas Wall Art Tutorial

Here is a DUAL CANVAS WALL ART tutorial, using a simple paper stencil. What you need is the following: Two stretch canvas ($6 for both at Walmart) 2 paint colors ($1 each ) Sponge brushes and paint bruses Tape Cardstock paper to create stencil xacto knife First you will need to decided what you want…

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  • Looks like a great project. I am far from crafty.
    I am following you on twitter and facebook as GFC would not refresh. I am working on the coupon cabins follow list.


  • yes, your imagination can go wild!! I'm glad you liked it! I'd love seeing my fellow bloggers/followers get inspired! It took me like about 15-20 minutes.. its super easy! really fun to do!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for stopping by!! I'm on my way to follow back! 😉 Dont worry about the gfc…. it always happen to me.. it really bugs me! :/ReplyCancel

  • Heather Tovey

    This is pretty brilliant. I can see an entire series of these in my house. Some with two canvas, and I bet you could do wonders with even more canvas (like a picture separated into four). About how long did it take you to finish?ReplyCancel

  • Kerry

    Great job Angie!! Looks awesome 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Judywhatilivefor

    Turned out cute! I'm stopping by to follow back…have a great week!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for following back! 🙂

    Angie from A Little InspirationReplyCancel

  • Thanks Kerry! 🙂ReplyCancel

Winners of Flash Giveaways!

The winners for the three flash giveaways are: For the headband giveaway here on my blog: I asked: Who or What is your inspiration?  Amber S said… I am inspired by my littles of course, but music is a huge help in putting me in a creative mood! Necklace Giveaway on Little Miss Chic Facebook…

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  • Amber S

    Thanks so much Angie! I am so excited!! I emailed you!ReplyCancel

  • No problem! Amber.. did you emailed me your address? I haven't received your email.

  • dedastudios

    new follower…found you on Newbie Blog Hop….hearted your Etsy store…very pretty items! Have a fun week!ReplyCancel

  • well hello there! Thanks a bunch for stopping by! I'm on my way to visit you! 🙂 Have a great DAY!ReplyCancel

3 Flash Giveaways.. Going LIVE right now! Ends Monday 6pm PT!

UPDATED!!I will be having 3 Flash Giveaways!!!! Ending Monday at 6pm Pacific Time  US Residents ONLY! Sorry 🙁 One will be here on my blog One on A Little Inspiration FB Page One on Little Miss Chic FB Page To Enter here on the BLOG and win this Headband and ANY SIZE: OF course you…

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  • Amber S

    I am inspired by my littles of course, but music is a huge help in putting me in a creative mood!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia McClure

    I am a follower already!
    My Inspiration—-I am inspired daily by all of the crafy people here in blogland!
    As a teacher—I am inspired by my fellow Kindergarten co-workers!ReplyCancel

  • Jazmiller09

    Inspiration for me comes from my family. ♥ Also, spending time with Jesus 🙂 & worship music.ReplyCancel

  • Creativecarmella

    Happy Follower 🙂
    My biggest inspiration here on Earth is my husband….he makes me so proud everyday, I am so blessed that God chose him for me 🙂


  • Cassie

    I'm a follower!
    I'm inspired by so many people! #1 Family, #2 friends, and #3 creative blogs!
    What would we do without so many inspiring people!ReplyCancel

  • i'm following your blog! came across your site from the monday mingle blog hop!

    i am inspired by my daughters!!


  • Toni Lardizabal Keltner

    Following you via GFC from Monday Monkey Blog Hop! Please stop by my blogs and show some love:

    Toni The Chic MommaReplyCancel

  • Victoria Mackasey

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your baking page – the food looks delicious. And I absolutely love your little built in model…so cute! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Material Girl Green

    My #1 inspiration is my wonderful husband 🙂
    materialgirlgreen at gmail dot comReplyCancel

  • Mary C.

    So pretty! So many inspirations but my number one inspiration are my kids. Everything I do is for them. I'm also inspired by my father, greatest Dad anyone could ever ask for. And crafty moms who inspire me to be crafty.ReplyCancel


    Hi gorgeous girl!! I have a couple of fun blog awards for you if you want to stop by and collect 🙂
    I love your blog, and I'm thankful to have 'met' you 🙂
    Have an awesome 'weekend' !!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Victoria! Sorry. .. i'm barely keeping up with the comments and emails.. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting! 😉ReplyCancel