To let her be or not to be..?

I introduced the pacifier to my baby when she was 4 months old but she stopped using it around the 6th month. Its was not until she found a more soothing technique; sucking her thumb. I’ve heard a lot of stories of the irreversible damage to the teeth and how hard it is to stop them sucking her thumb. So what should I do? 

We try to stop her sometimes when we see her sucking her thumb during the day. When the night hits; thats another story. Sometimes all I want is for her to sleep.. so I let her sooth her self to sleep with her thumb.

Not all babies turn out with damaged teeth, or speech conditions. But how would I know if my baby will be one of those children? 

Some parents say: Let her be happy and let her suck her thumb, others say to stop her by any means necessary.. like putting hot sauce.. or other outrageous techniques.

Babies sucking thumb is a natural way of life; they even do it on mommas belly’s. Its a also a good thing because they learn how to rely on themselves to feel better with out the parents help. I think it’s more irritating for us parents than it is harmful for them.   

I think I will let her be in hope that she will stop when she is ready. I just hope its not 20 years until she stops!

So what do you think? What do YOU recommend?

Thanks for reading!

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